Health Research Program of the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta

DocRoom experts by experience working group launched

Working group members help the health research program by providing their suggestions, opinions, and feedback related to different social innovation projects. Based on their own experiences with homelessness, they propose relevant initiatives, give direct feedback on written research materials (e.g., questionnaires, information leaflets, and consent forms), and help to include those peers, who are difficult for the social sector to reach, in DocRoom’s health screenings. The working group meets monthly, and its decisions are the core of DocRoom’s research activities. Please, get to know our expert colleagues!


Beáta Ferenczy-Vass

Beáta has worked in the healthcare sector for over 40 years and is a senior member of our expert group. In Budapest, she was a specialist assistant in the anesthesiology department at St. Margit Hospital and St. János Hospital. One of her areas of expertise was dealing with cases related to hospital infections, so she says she had less popularity among the hospital staff. She and her husband could no longer pay the increased utilities in their sublet. They have been living together in separate homeless shelters for 5 months, and she is supporting her partner in his cancer recovery. They recently celebrated their 20th wedding anniversary.

László Lukács

László was an operating room assistant at the Kútvölgyi Hospital, helping patients for 8 years. Now he needs help because of his musculoskeletal problem, he is recovering in the rehabilitation institution of the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta. He was born in Budapest and has always lived in the capital. He has a daughter whom he rarely sees. László has been homeless for 4 years.

György Takács

György worked in the construction industry but was unable to continue his work due to his illness. He knows what a home is like, he had his own apartment, which he lost. He is recovering from cancer at the Miklós Street Integrated Homeless Care Center of the Hungarian Charity Service. He has no family, he lost his parents. His goal is to make a full recovery and continue working as a professional driver.

Richard Balázs Dévai

Ricsi played sports all his life and struggled with alcohol. His goal is to be able to recover from his addiction with the help of a psychiatrist, but so far, he has not found the right specialist. Ricsi is a baker, and when he is symptom-free, he works, swims, and does boxing. He lost his fiancée at the end of last year.

Mária Antalné Fleck

Mária worked in the field of rehabilitation in the health sector. After losing her mother, she ended up on the street, 15 years ago. She and her husband spent the nights in night shelters. After the death of her partner, Mária lives alone and keeps in touch with her two daughters. She is proud that one of her daughters has become a fitness trainer.

Péter Lengyel

Péter was taken out of his family when he was 4 years old. According to his memories, he was accommodated in 14 childhood social institutions, he does not like to talk about this period. Now 28 years old, he is homeless. He worked for event organizing companies, his job was stage construction, but he lost it. He previously worked in Germany for 7 years as a cook. He loved this profession but had to come home because of his grandparents who needed care. Since then, he always sleeps somewhere else, anywhere he is accepted.

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And the winner is: DocRoom!

DocRoom won the European Social Services Awards in the Research Project category. At the award ceremony in Málaga, the health