Health Research Program of the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta

Training of telemedicine assistants has been completed

Ten colleagues completed the training „Telemedicine in practice” of the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta. The professionals who have finished the course help with the effective management of digital health care that starts in social institutions supporting people experiencing homelessness.

The purpose of the training was to present the basics of the online visit as a healthcare tool. Employees from five different social institutions providing accommodation for homeless people took part in the course established in partnership with DocRoom. The entire training presented the possibilities of telemedicine care, its medical, legal, and quality assurance aspects in 2 in-person and 4 online sessions.

Telemedicine plays an important role in the hybrid care model that combines online and personal health care. As proven by the previous research activities of the DocRoom program, a convenient and flexible form of digital care can be provided even in a homeless shelter, and it significantly increases the efficiency in case of chronic diseases.

In order to ensure that the social professionals who help the clients have a deep understanding of telemedicine, the Hungarian Charity Service of the Order of Malta launched a training course in October 2022. The course itself was implemented in a hybrid format as well, so its online sessions also presented the communication specifics of a live video consultation in a practical way.

The “Telemedicine in practice” course was led by Dr. Zsuzsa Győrffy, associate professor at Semmelweis University, and Dr. Sándor Békási, head of the Health Center.

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